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We produce natural gas for daily use

Vermilion Energy extracts natural gas from small fields for Dutch households and companies. Natural gas is essential during the energy transition.

Natural gas and the energy transition

The energy transition is one of the most important concerns of our time. The energy industry is continuously evolving, and as a producer of natural gas, we are an important part of this. There are currently many developments in renewable energy, but there is simply not enough available to reliably replace natural gas. Furthermore, our national government supports domestic production from small fields within the country because importing gas from abroad creates additional CO2 emissions, and makes us dependent on other countries for our energy. That’s why natural gas is still essential in – and from – the Netherlands.

Factsheet: Natural gas essential during energy transition


More than just safe gas extraction

Vermilion operates in a safe and responsible manner in small gas fields, according to strict standards and with modern techniques. Our work employs hundreds of people throughout the Netherlands, both directly and indirectly – at maintenance companies, for example. And we do more. We believe it is important to give back in the regions in which we operate by dedicating ourselves to voluntary work, for example, and with our Environmental Fund for local energy transition projects.

The phases of gas extraction: how does it work?

phase 1

Explore and research

In the first phase, we use geological research techniques to investigate whether natural gas might be present deep underground in an area.

phase 2


In the second phase, we use drilling to confirm that there is real natural gas, and its quantity, in the deep underground. 

phase 3

Gas extraction

In the third phase, we extract the gas.

phase 4


If we can no longer extract natural gas, we return the site to its original state.

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