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Production Information

In 2016, Vermilion’s net interest production in the Netherlands was 1.3 million Nm3/d (47.8 mmcf/d) of natural gas and 14 m/d (88 bbls/d) of natural gas liquids.  Combined net interest production for the year was 8,058 boe/d.  In 2016, country-wide Netherlands natural gas production was approximately 129.9 million Nm3/d  (4,638 mmcf/d) and consumption was approximately 109.4 million Nm3/d  (4,127.8 mmcf/d).

Total natural gas production from Vermilion operated assets in 2016 (including production allocated to our partners)  was approximately 790 million Nm³ for 2016.  Based on an average consumption of natural gas per household per day of approximately 4 Nm³/d, our assets serve the equivalent of approximately 541,000 households¹.

Total production from our fields represents approximately 2% of total Netherlands natural gas consumption and is equivalent to approximately:

  • 740 wind turbines of 2mW each; or
  • 3,600 hectares of solar panels (30.5 million m2)

12016 data Source: Netherlands CBS Central Bureau of Statistics

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