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CORPORATE NEWS / 06.02.2018

Sven Tummers is the new Managing Director of Vermilion Energy Netherlands B.V.

Sven Tummers has been promoted to the role of Managing Director of Vermilion Energy Netherlands B.V.. He follows Scott Seatter, who is assuming the role of Managing Director of Vermilion Energy’s United States Business Unit. Since joining Vermilion in 2012, Sven Tummers has supported the Netherlands B.V. in various roles, most recently as Commercial Manager.

‘I’m very pleased with this promotion and look forward to continue Vermilion Energy Netherlands’ growth. Safety for people and environment is key in our operations. It is important for gas production and for our community within the Netherlands. Energy transition plays an important role in an energy conscious country. I see a clear role for us and I’m convinced that we can essentially contribute within this energy transition, whereas safety for people and environment is priority in our operations.’

Sven Tummers started his career at Vermilion Energy as a Production Engineer in 2012. He quickly advanced into leading roles, such as Team Lead Production Engineering and Team Lead Land & Joint Ventures. In Sven Tummers most recent position as Commercial Manager, he was responsible for business development, joint ventures, land and lease, permits, legal, renewable energy, public and government relations and communication.

Sven Tummers holds a Master of Science degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering from Delft University of Technology.

With this promotion, Sven Tummers becomes the first Dutch national employee to assume the Managing Director role in the Netherlands.

About Vermilion

Vermilion Energy Netherlands BV is part of Vermilion Energy, a group of companies with operations in North America, Europe and Australia. We explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons, and do so in a socially responsible manner.

In the Netherlands since 2004, Vermilion is active in the exploration and production of natural gas. These activities take place in the provinces of Friesland, Noord-Holland, Drenthe, Zuid-Holland and Brabant. The headquarters of Vermilion Energy Netherlands is located in Harlingen. Vermilion employs approximately 200 people in the Netherlands that work to provide a safe and responsible supply of natural gas for our national energy needs.

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