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Our history

Vermilion Energy Netherlands B.V. (Vermilion) has operated in the Netherlands since 2004. We are engaged in natural gas extraction from small fields, which is destined for use by Dutch households and companies.

Vermilion in the Netherlands

In 2004, we established our head office at the gas treatment center in Harlingen, and by the end of the year, we had 10 employees. In 2014, we opened our second office in Amsterdam. Today, we have dozens of production locations throughout the Netherlands. Here, we extract natural gas from small fields, most located in the province of Friesland. The natural gas is sent from the production locations to gas treatment centers located in Harlingen, Garijp and Waalwijk, among others.

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Reliable employer

Since 2004, Vermilion has grown into a reliable employer in the Netherlands, with more than 225 people now working for us directly – these are employees with an employment or hiring contract. We also work with Dutch (often local) companies when we need support, including technical maintenance, printing and facility services. Nearly 800 people work directly and indirectly for Vermilion in the Netherlands.

Part of Vermilion Energy Inc.

Our parent company is Vermilion Energy Inc., a Canadian publicly traded company. Vermilion was founded in 1994 as an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on assets in Alberta, Canada. Our name originates from Alberta’s Vermilion Lakes, which are known for their reddish ochre waters. Western Europe has since become an important growth area, and Vermilion is currently active in eight other countries in addition to Canada and the Netherlands. Our core values are the same all over the world: Excellence, Trust, Respect and Responsibility.


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