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Community Investment

Vermilion steekt energie in uw omgeving

Giving Back

It’s important to us that we make a positive contribution to the region in which we operate. Our programs and initiatives help to accelerate the energy transition at a local level, sustain and protect nature, and improve local quality of life and well-being. Improving community safety and health is also a theme in our programs.


Our programs

  1. Our Municipality Linkage Program co-invests in the sustainable initiatives and projects of local organizations to help accelerate the energy transition in our communities.
  2. We are a social partner of the Present Foundation, which builds a bridge between people who want to volunteer and people who could use that volunteer support.
  3. We provide health and safety improvement programs for individuals and the local community.
  4. We offer programs to support and protect local biodiversity, including plant and wildlife.
  5. We organize employee volunteer activities that enable our staff to roll up their sleeves and help their communities during office hours. These are our "Days of Caring".
  6. We provide financial support to local associations and foundations where our employees volunteer, to recognize the contributions of these organizations and our employees.

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